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 Virtual Voyeur (Virtual Girl 2: Virtual Vegas) / Виртуальная страсть

Режиссер: Richard Gabai

Страна: USA

Жанр: Erotic

Год выпуска: 2001

Актеры: Susan Featherly (as Sharon), Amber Newman (as Molly), Jason Schnuit (as Kevin Pallone), Brad Bartram (as Louis Burke), Shyra Deland (as Leah), Arthur Roberts (as White), A. Michael Baldwin (as Dr. Pierson), Richard Gabai (as Pickford), Marc Gordon (as Attorney), Kristen Andreotti (as Ambassador (as Kirstin Andreotti)), Amy Damkroger (as School Teacher), Karl Boule (as Space Cowboy), Amy Daukroger (as School Teacher), Charles Guardino (as George Nappa), Katherine 'Kat' Hare (as Valery)

Эротическая фантастика.
Вы хотите осуществить свои самые заветные мечты и испытать неземные удовольствия, но ду-маете, что наяву это невозможно? Вы ошибаетесь. Корпорация "Виртуком" изобрела аттракцион "Вир-туальные радости", позволяющий каждому пережить невероятные любовные приключения в беско-нечном виртуальном пространстве, где грезы реальны как сама жизнь. Воспользуйтесь им и вы, но будьте осторожны! Сенсационный проект недоработан, и забавы с ним могут привести к непредска-зуемым последствиям!

Захватывающий и зрелищный эротический фильм Ричарда Габаи, снятый в лучших традициях незабываемых шедевров Тинто Брасса, изобилует впечатляющими и оригинальными спецэффектами от создателей блокбастеров "Эпоха" и "Бермудский треугольник" и украшен игрой очаровательной Сьюзан Фэзерли ("Греховные соблазны", "Плотские желания"), топ-модели ведущих журналов для мужчин.

"Virtual Girl 2: Virtual Vegas" was not a great softcore flick, but it had some decent parts to it.

We begin with two software designers, Sharon (Susan Featherly) and Louis. They create a software program that allows the user to enter a virtual reality sexcapade with a willing partner of their choice (sort of like "Virtual Encounters" or its sequel, but I digress). During a test run, Louis fries his brain in the machine and ends up in the hospital. Her company, Virtucon, fired her as a result of this fiasco, but rehired her when they realized nobody else knew how to run the machine. Look for Richard Gabai in a cameo as one of the Virtucon higher-ups (he also directed this flick). Sharon had begged and pleaded Louis to continue testing to make sure the program worked without a hitch, but Louis had wrapped up a deal to send a unit to Las Vegas and set it up in a casino. With Louis in the hospital, Sharon soldiers on to Vegas without him.

Upon her arrival in Las Vegas, she meets the manager of the casino the machine will be in, Kevin Pallone. Kevin gives her the usual schmooze, and before you know it, the virtual machine is set up and working in the casino with a long line of people just waiting to try it. Meanwhile, Kevin's girlfriend Molly (Amber Newman) is getting increasingly jealous of all the time Kevin spends with Sharon.

The middle part of the movie is full of vignettes, featuring various people trying the machine out. Be sure to watch for Michelle Hall's vignette; she prances around in a skimpy maid's uniform at the beginning of it.

While I'm on the subject, I'll talk about the sex. The sex scenes were plentiful, and any time Susan Featherly gets to take her clothes off, it's a treat. The sex scenes weren't spectacular, but they got the job done. It also helps that Michelle Hall and Amber Newman (both of them Skinemax Top 10 girls) get undressed as well.

The ending is a haphazard cluster, with Sharon getting increasingly angry about her creation being taken over in a hostile fashion and wanting revenge, while her bosses at Virtucon and the casino owners get together to come up with ways to squeeze her out of the business entirely---or "get rid of her", if you know what I mean. The vignettes took up the meaty part of the film so there wasn't much time to develop the story. By the end, it didn't really matter the final scenes seemed hastily thrown together to wrap things up. This film is borderline tapeworthy, but I taped it since there's three women in my Skinemax Top 10 in the cast.

Women: A- (It's hard for me to grade this group low. Susan Featherly, Amber Newman and Shyra Deland are the primary babes here, but Lisa Throw and Michelle Hall also make appearances. Susan and Amber can really fill out their clothes, or maybe they just like to wear tight dresses. Either one is fine with me.)

Sex: C+ (The sex was decent, but it wasn't anything special. The basic bump and grind, with some random panting thrown in for good measure.)

Story: C- (The story took a back seat for about 30 minutes in the middle to give the audience vignette after vignette. Also in that middle 30 minutes there's a sex scene between Sharon and Kevin and a decent three-way featuring Kevin, Sharon and Molly. This made the last 20 or so minutes seem squeezed somehow, since the main storyline and all the subplots had to wrap up.)

Overall: C- (Not an awesome softcore flick, but a fairly average one. A C+ in "Sex" doesn't help when it's worth 40% of the grade, so that brings the overall grade down. "Virtual Girl 2: Virtual Vegas" is a below average softcore film with a cast that wasn't used to its full potential. It's a shame when a film has three of my Top 10 girls in the cast and I can't give the film at least a B-. It was slightly below average, so I give it a C-.)

Время: 83 мин
Дисков: 1 шт
Video format: DivX 3.11 Low Motion
Audio format: MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
Разрешение: 512x384
Размер: 689 Mb
Перевод: Закадровый перевод актерский
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/virtual voyeur.jpg

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