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 Zone of the Enders: 2167 Idolo / Зона отчуждения Идоло

Страна: Japan

Жанр: Anime

Год выпуска: 2002

Актеры: Brett Weaver (as Hines (voice)), Ellie McBride (as Melissa (voice)), Billy F. Harden (as Jackson (voice)), Tony Mann (as Barrows (voice)), Eric Abbott (as Will (voice)), Ron Berry (as Additional Voices (voice)), Charles Campbell (as Additional Voices (voice)), Bill Finklea (as Chief Secretary Lawrence (voice)), Sammy Harte (as Additional character), Eric Henshaw (as Instructor Edgar (voice)), Boni Hester (as Dolores (voice)), Dara Hurt (as Viola (voice)), David Jones (as Lloyd (voice)), Lana Lesley (as Rachel (voice)), Shawn Sides (as Additional Voices (voice)), Steve Skidmore (as Additional Voices (voice)), Audrey Solansky (as Additional Voices (voice)), Ben Wolfe (as Radium (voice))

In the future, mankind has emigrated to Mars. Unfortunately, they are still ruled by bullies from Earth. Due to the lower gravity, the Martians are physically weaker than their Teran counterparts. It seems that they will be unable to become independent of the Earth.
Lieutenant Radium Levans, a member of a quasi secret military unit has been hand picked to become a test pilot of a new battle robot called Idolo. With it, the Martians hope to declare their independence.
However the Idolo seems to have a mind of its own, and now Levans is starting to change. He is becoming more aggressive, and very violent.
Can the love of his girlfriend Doloris help him overcome the power of Idolo?

This is decent, not great, not good, but decent enough to watch. The mecha, not the bada$$ one, reminded me a lot of Gundam and Robotech/Macross mecha. The Idolo mecha reminded me a whole lot of Evangelion. But overall they weren't too blatant.

The voice acting was pretty good. The dialogue at spots was a bit odd, but you can never nail dialogue perfectly. The story was beautifully drawn and written, yet I felt the backstory wasn't very well set up. Granted, I've not played the Zone of Enders game or seen anything else on this series, I'd like to know more.

6.5 out of 10

Время: 50 мин
Дисков: 1 шт
Video format: DivX 4
Audio format: MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
Разрешение: 512x384
Размер: 570 Mb
Перевод: Закадровый перевод 1 голос" Subtitles="English
Субтитры: English
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/zone of the enders 2167 idolo.jpg

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