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 Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen / Звезда сцены

Режиссер: Sara Sugarman

Страна: USA

Жанр: Comedy

Год выпуска: 2004

Актеры: Lindsay Lohan (as Mary Elizabeth Cep/Lola), Adam Garcia (as Stu), Glenne Headly (as Karen), Alison Pill (as Ella), Eli Marienthal (as Sam), Carol Kane (as Miss Baggoli), Megan Fox (as Carla), Sheila McCarthy (as Mrs. Gerard), Tom McCamus (as Calum), Richard Fitzpatrick (as Mr. Gerard), Sheila Sealy-Smith (as Sgt. Rose), Ashley Leggat (as Marcia), Barbara Mamabolo (as Robin), Maggie Oskam (as Paige), Rachael Oskam (as Paula)

Лола, эгоцентричная и избалованная девочка, решает, что ее жизнь закончена, так как семья уезжает из Нью-Йорка. Этот переезд из места, где остаются все друзья, любимые развлечения, в Нью-Джерси - было для Лолы огромным ударом. Попав в обычную среднюю школу, девочка убеждена, что только она достойна быть школьной королевой, но ее мнение не разделяет еще одна ученица, не менее задиристая, чем сама Лола. И теперь девочке придется на деле доказывать, чего она стоит.

"Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" has nice performances, well-composed and lighted shots, snappy editing, whimsical and funny moments... so then why does it ultimately fail to make a lasting impression? Perhaps because there is so little connection the "real world", as evidenced by the way that not a single character in this piece behaves in the manner a real person would. The entire film is an artificial construct, an abstract meditation on human nature that sadly fails to reference anything recognizable in most peoples' lives. The result is a film that bores, but occasionally rewards.

That said, the writing is clever and even rises to the inspired once or twice. Likewise, the visual sophistication of what and how things appear in-frame, the camera movements and the just-right switching between shots and angles points to something far beyond competency. Let's just say that "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" was an artfully realized misfire, a "nice try" for all those involved. Let's hope they all move on to find something that suits their particular muses better. That is, meet someday with a lying, bohemian girl, wish somehow she noticed you too, and confront somewhat what comes next. It may sound cliche, and at some degree that's true, but once you look at Lola (Lohan), you can care less.Yeah, this is a kid's show; so how seriously should I take it? I suppose I should relax a little on my critique but I still had to sit through the thing. I figure the studios have finally realized that kids will watch anything no matter how bad it is, especially if they star teen queens like Hilary Duff, the Olsen twins and Lohan- Agent Cody Banks proved that. So rather than spend a lot of money on original scripts and good talent, they release things like this. After watching the preview for 5 seconds the first thing that comes to mind is, 'gee, another mindless dribble starring one of those wholesome teenage actresses maybe?'. As you leave the theater after this film the first thing that comes to mind is, 'even The Lizzie McGuire Movie' wasn't that bad'. But here it is nonetheless; and will do pretty well at the box office like all kids movies do, no matter what quality they are. The movie has a mix of Lizzie McGuire like problems, with Absolutely Fabulous type characters. Here is the plot: Lola, played by Lindsay Lohan (Freaky Friday, The Parent Trap) is an egocentric teenage girl who has a passion for acting and singing and dreams of Hollywood. She moves from Greenwich Village to a suburban high school and upsets the established order. Convinced that only she deserves to be the most popular, the girl competes with another, equally snobby girl who also believes that the school should revolve around her, her world is shattered when her favorite band has broken up. The movie basically revolves around her effort to go to the last Sid Arthur concert and the party after it. Lola also lands the lead in the school play, which is an updated rendition of My Fair Lady. What then follows is a very weak set up with farcical characters that seemed grossly out of place. Whereas the kids are in a semi serious mode, several of the supporting characters seem like something out of an I Love Lucy sketch. The over the top antics of a megalomaniac mother and the Paige and Paula stupidity of a pair of twins take the film in a different and unpleasant direction. Too many of the films weak plot points seemed extremely random and served no apparent purpose. In order to infiltrate the party and get into it taking place in I think New York. Lola declares they (Ella and Lola) need get the right clothes. Like that's going to blend in with the party of 16-25 year old. And Carla, the bitch, will do anything to ruin Lola and Ella's lives and to prevent them from getting to the party. Much of the movie is in that vein; the comic of disbelief is suspended too long and finally just snaps and falls. This film did and did not work. It evoked very real feelings of what it is like to be young and lost, what it is to be unknowingly abandoning things which held so much meaning for one once. But as a narrative and emotive piece, it continuously cheated, covering things up so that the audience was confused and lead along on a leash, only to discover facts about the characters had been obscured just to make the end more dramatic, to force the plot to keep moving. And it left one asking, why? In the end it just felt like self important tripe, tripe which invoked many real and painful feelings about the nature of existence, but still fundamentally tripe. Actually I found it hard not to feel slightly disappointed by this one, a film that promises much more than it finally delivers. It's diverting and at times actually good, but perhaps pulls too many of its punches to even border on the profound. The cast is generally good, though watching most of them I was reminded of the similar-but-much-better movies they've been involved in before.It's got a nice laid back feel to it, nothing too forced, suitably pulpy, but perhaps not quite as left field as it thinks - really it's an overly familiar story and looking back there's nothing there that really took my breath away. That said I would recommend it as a decent watch, with just enough to get you thinking.Did I miss something? I can't understand why this movie was made. Lindsay Lohan plays a snobby, chubby poseur who has a crush on Adam Garcia of all people. I can't even type the plot because I'm pretty sure it's non-existent. I work at a theater and a woman came up to buy this tickets for this movie and I asked if she had seen it and she said no. I told her it is without a doubt one of the dumbest movies I've ever seen and she went to buy a ticket for an other movie. If only I could save everyone else. I like a thinker as much as the next person, but I wasted two hours of my time waiting for something to redeem this movie. Talented actors and great look; went nowhere. If that was supposed to be the point, it disguised itself as a boring movie with characters that were neither likable nor unlikable. Just boring. If you have some kids you need to keep quiet for an hour and half that's fine. But if you expect any real entertainment value out of this, save your time, brain and money. 4/10

So this movie comes down to this:

- If you're a *true fan* of Ms. Lohan, you will get delightful scenes of her in the movie, and you should watch it.

- If you're looking a *different movie*, one which mixes teen romance, drama (as the title suggests), a bit of comedy and music, then give it a try.

- If you're just too picky, or none of the above, read the other reviews and make your own call.

It worked for me, and I believe the international movie database's rate of 4.0/10 is a fair one.

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