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 Vliegende Hollander, De / Летучий голландец

Режиссер: Jos Stelling

Страна: Netherlands

Жанр: Drama

Год выпуска: 1995

Актеры: Renй Groothof (as Hollander), Veerle Dobbelaere (as Lotte), Bert Andrй (as Cackpot), Tony Belis (as Opkoper), Gene Bervoets (as Zoon van Netelneck), Ronald de Keersmaeker (as Jonge zoon Netelneck), Josse De Pauw (as Hoedelaar), Ingrid De Vos (as Moeder Hollander), Daniel Emilfork (as Ketterjager), Cas Enklaar (as Opkoper), Michiel Groothof (as Kleine Hollander), Renй van 't Hof (as dwerg), Barbara Kosmal (as Kleine Lotte), Nino Manfredi (as Campanelli), Jeanne Pennings (as Boerin), Pedro Romero (as Spanjool), Senne Rouffaer (as Hennetaster), Max Schnur (as Voorman), Jan Steen (as Pisser), Jenny Tanghe (as Oudere vrouw), Gerard Thoolen (as gevangenisdirecteur), Willy Vandermeulen (as Netelneck), Niels Vandormael (as Kleine Netelneck)

This Dutch adventure drama chronicles the birth and preservation of a Flemish legend. The tale begins in mid-16th century Flanders when Spain ruled the area. A peasant revolt is in progress and a gang of rebels is seen lugging the giant head of a statue onto Nettelneck's farm. Just then the Spanish arrive and only one rebel survives the invasion. The rebel makes love to the farmer's wife and then leaves. She later bears a son. A few years later this boy, who is ostracized by the community, meets Campanelli, an Italian minstrel who claims to have witnessed the massacre and the boy's creation. He then fancifully spins a yarn about the curious lad's father, telling him that his father lives and helms a fabulous ship. He also tells the boy, his father can fly. The boy grows up believing this and eventually takes his lover Lotte to begin searching for his mystical father. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

Good acting, really, this Picture contains chiefly truly creditable performances. The one who experiences 'De Vliegende Hollander' cannot be narrow-minded of course, it's a long journey which You should enjoyed, because it's a vast emotional realm - filled with anger, trembling pain, fear, unspeakable beauty, laughter, treason, hopelessness and hope in the very same piece. You might love it or loathe it, some find it a trifle odd, but there's one thing that You must consider as a plainly wrong one - NOT GIVING IT A CHANCE. You'll catch Yourself being completely transfixed my dear Fellow. Thumbs up for this synonym of the fabulous gem which gets You closer to the secret of dreams, this ambiguous and artistic piece will show You what dreams are made of. I hope, it doesn't sound too indistinct. It's a long time now, since I've seen 'De Vliegende Hollander' and I am afraid that I am not... exaggerating, right now with my bloody, oh but how sincere fascination! I am Still able to recall 'tears of joy' after watching this One. Okay enough...! See You, Enjoy / Check It Out!

Quote of the day: The Way Is Made Clear When Viewed From Above.

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Перевод: Закадровый перевод актерский
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/vliegende hollander, de.jpg

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