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 Samaria / Samaritan Girl / Самаритянка

Режиссер: Ki-duk Kim

Страна: South Korea

Жанр: Drama

Год выпуска: 2004

Актеры: Ji-min Kwak (as Yeo-Jin), Min-jeong Seo (as Jae-yeong), Eol Lee (as Yeong-ki), Kwon Hyun-Min (as Salesman), Oh Young (as Musician), Im Gyun-Ho (as Tidily Guy), Lee Jong-Gil (as Happy Guy), Shin Taek-Ki (as Suicide), Jung-gi Park (as Murder Victim), Gul-seon Kim (as Second Salesman), Seung-won Seo (as Man in his 30s), Yoo Jae-Ik (as Pedestrian), Jung In-Gi (as Ki-Su), Jin-bae Jeon (as Policeman #1), Yook Sae-Jin (as Policeman #2)

Совсем не по-детски проводят свой досуг 15-летние Ё-Инь и Дже-Ёнг. Пока одна из них торгует своим телом, вторая ищет новых клиентов. Но несчастный случай, унесший жизнь Дже-Ёнг меняет сознание подруги. Отныне она чувствует себя обязанной вернуть мужчинам все деньги, что копили девчонки на далёкое путешествие

spoilers warning!!

Reflecting on what I my focus should be in talking about Samaritan Girl, I came up with: this is a story about polarisation. We see this polarisation on two separate fronts, in the two halves of the movie.

Jae-Young and Yeo-Jin are two teenage schoolgirls who, in yearning for a trip to Europe, resort to prostitution to make the money for it. The two girls, while loving each other deeply, cannot be more polarised, as clearly shown in their split of responsibility in this undertaking. Jae-Young, all fun loving and carefree, takes care of only one thing: sleeping with the clients. She enjoys what she is doing and values the congenial relationship developed with some of the clients. Yeo-Jin, reserved and aloof, takes care of everything else in playing the roles form pimp to banker. For her, this is purely business, and absolutely filthy business as such. While chiding Jae-Young for enjoying the proceedings, she must also be feeling apologetical for leaving all the dirty work, literally, to the former.

Things seem to work well, except for occasional fits of jealousy on Yeo-Jin's part. Then it goes seriously wrong when Jae-Young, trying to escape a police raid, jumps off the window and eventually dies in Yeo-Jin's arms in the hospital. Yeo-Jin's reaction can well be imagined, but the unpredictable turn is that in seeking absolution, she looks up each one of Jae-Young's clients, sleeps with them and then returns the money that Jae-Young had received from them before.

This starts the second story of polarisation. Up to this point, Yeo-Jin's father has appeared only briefly, a loving man who recently lost his wife and is now both parents to his single, most beloved daughter. Things take a dramatic turn when during the course of his work (he is a detective), he spots Yeo-Jin in action. The irony is that while through the absolution process, Yeo-Jin finishes with her clients in a mutually congenial relationship, they are in for a violent subsequent encounter with her father who lurks behind. This escalates one case after another, until it results in a death.

While this spoiler has revealed most of the plot, I'll stop here. This movie touches on a number of things. However, if there is one main theme, it is a father-and-daughter movie. There is neither graphic sex nor violence (some may not agree but it all depends on what movies you compare it with). Feelings depicted here are subtle, even enigmatic, particularly on Yeo-Jin's part. The ending is quite poignant.

Thinking back over the movie, I noted one particular point which may or may not be significant. What Yeo-Jin did was initially setting the money on fire and then as if hit by a sudden impulse, she put it out. It seems to suggest that the entire process of absolution is the result of a spontaneous notion. However, Kim Ki-duk is not the kind of director who condescends to explain his films, or even acknowledge that they necessarily have any explanations. So it's really up to the audience.

Время: 95 мин
Дисков: 2 шт
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Audio format: AC3/MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
Разрешение: 640x368
Размер: 699+700 Mb
Перевод: Закадровый перевод актерский,Korean" Subtitles="Russian
Субтитры: Russian
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