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 Dagon / Дагон

Режиссер: Stuart Gordon

Страна: Spain

Жанр: Horror

Год выпуска: 2001

Актеры: Ezra Godden (as Paul), Francisco Rabal (as Ezequiel), Raquel Meroсo (as Bбrbara), Macarena Gуmez (as Uxнa), Brendan Price (as Howard), Birgit Bofarull (as Vicki), Uxнa Blanco (as Madre Ezequiel/Ezequiel's Mother), Ferrбn Lahoz (as Sacerdote/Priest), Joan Minguell (as Xavier), Alfredo Villa (as Capitбn Combarro/Captain Combarro), Josй Lifante (as Recepcionista Hotel/Desk Clerk), Javier Sandoval (as Padre Ezequiel/Ezequiel's Father), Victor Barreira (as Ezequiel Joven/Young Ezequiel), Fernando Gil (as Sacerdote Catуlico/Catholic Priest), Jorge Luis Pйrez (as Chico/Boy)

Фильм начинается с красивых подводных кадров. Пол, опускаясь все глубже под воду, видит большой подводный город, у самых стен которого его встречает прекрасная русалка. Пол просывается и отвечает на вопрос проснувшейся рядом красивой блондинке по имени Барбары, что опять видел один и тот же сон. Яхта напарывается на скальный островок, а нет ни радио, ни маячка. Курт и его подруга Викки остаются на яхте, а Пол с Барбарой на лодке отправляется на берег за помощью. Происходит это все рядом со старинной испанской приморской деревушкой.

Фильм поставлен Стюартом Гордоном, одним из самых опытных режиссеров и искусных кинематографистов в жанре ужасов и фантастики. Стоит только посмотреть его фильмографию. Так что любителям ужасов и поклонникам Гордона будет интересно. О сюжете скажу только, что, попали они не в обычный приморский курортик, а в место, где расположена Церковь Дагона, жестокого бога моря. По ночам потомки жестого Дагона выходят, ловят чужаков и всех пришельцев подвергают страшным мучения: с мужчин снимают скальп, а женщин насилуют полулюди-полурыбы. Так дорогу к отелю Полу указал мужчина, между пальцами которого были перепонки, но он этого не заметил, а зря! Теперь по законам жанра остается только гадать, кто умрет, а кто останется в живых после этой "увеселительной" морской прогулки...

Это очень хороший фильм в своем жанре, но ни в коем случае не давайте его смотреть детям и даже подросткам. Много жестокости и кровопролития. Мало ли что? Начнутся ночные кошмара, страх спать без света и т. д. и т. п.

Есть, конечно, "продвинутые" детишки, которые смотрят все подряд, но все равно подсознательно это может принести вред. (Иванов М.)

Ezra Godden plays the lead character, "Paul" in DAGON, and he makes me sick. Spoilers: Paul breaks into tears in at least six different scenes, and considering that this is a Horror movie, that is about five times too many. Paul is pathetic. Not just a total wimp, but a dense, non-logical idiot. Paul is the typical horror movie teenager who does everything wrong, has no common sense, and is dumber than a stump. After falling down, Paul adopts a peculiar limp-run which works by Paul slapping his butt as he run-limps. He runs with his right hand pushing into his buttocks. I have never seen anyone limp that way, and this is probably a first for cinematic history. Paul also likes to look into the flashlights everytime he gets a flashlight. So everytime he is in the dark and finds a flashlight, Paul uses the flashlight to illuminate his face. Aside from the total insipid stupidity of this character, Ezra Godden just permeates the essence of a mealy-mouthed, drooling weinie. At one point, Paul gets into the only car in the pondscum town of Bocca, and he cannot get the car started. Later, when Paul gets into the car, he manages to drive about one block and immediately skids out of control and hits a tree. Paul was the only car on the road. Paul deserved to become fish food. Fortunately, this movie has the guts to deliver the totally unhappy ending. Paul's faithful girlfriend is sacrificed to the Pondscum god, and Paul's friends are all killed because Paul is a loser. DAGON delivers the truly deserved ending, when Paul bursts into tears at the end of the movie, as he discovers that he is related to the Pondscum of Bocca, and Paul starts to turn into some kind of mud-fish/octopus? Paul, like all impotent loser characters tries to commit suicide by dousing himself with gasoline. As he lights the gas, his sister, Uxia (fish-face) jumps on him and knocks Paul into the hole from where the sea-monkeys came from. Paul and his fish-sister-wife (why do some Horror movies have to turn to the INCEST angle just to make sure you want to vomit?) go into the deep. Fortunately, Paul is a crispy-fried critter, and even though he has become a fish-boy, he is all burnt and nasty looking. His gorgeous sister-wife-fish swims alongside Paul, as happy as a clam, apparently she will get it however she can get it, and Paul's toasty look is OK. True Love. Paul, the total incompetent Hero becomes Paul, the Gorton's Fish-Stick. The rest of the dreary town of Bocca is apparently left behind to continue to slowly mutate into what look like cheap squids. The late (dead) great Spaniard actor Francisco Rabal was in this movie, and I speak Spanish and English and I could not understand what the hell he was talking about. But he was the only person in Bocca that was never eaten or turned into a squid; and he claimed it was because they thought he was crazy. Now what kind of town where the people are mutating into squids has a "High School Diploma" requirement? There were some scenes that were intended as nods to "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and Zombie movies. I never get what the point is of those movies that have to divert from the story in order to introduce scenes that are obviously similar to another movie. Is this the Hollywood version of Kissing Butt? If some 3rd rate director puts in enough tribute scenes to other directors does it help him get a better movie deal?? I gag every time I see some blatant tribute scene, and I look at those as the most obnoxious kind of brown-nosing on earth! GAWD! Rent a room if you love that other director so much! Keep it in your pants, pal! I sure don't need to sit through an extra twenty minutes of a dumb movie just so I can see some peeled leathery skins and Paulie crying and limping and slapping his butt so he can run faster! YUCK! Someone in Hollywood please take note: ENOUGH TRIBUTE SCENES THAT REFER TO OTHER MOVIES!!! Stick to your own crummy movie before you try to imitate someone else's crummy movie. ARRGGHH!! The only good thing about DAGON is that it delivers an anti-climactic tragic ending; which in the case of this movie is a very good thing, since it means that Paul dies and becomes some kind of squid, and swims deep into some hole in the sea where he presumably lives forever with his sister and spawns more squids or octopussies. In a way, Paul sacrifices his life so that we humans can order Calimari at the Seafood Restaurant. Thanks to Paul, I can enjoy eating fried squid a lot more. You can order it now at Long John Silver's for 99 cents. Think of crispy Paul as you bite down on those crunchy critters. Paul has done for squids what PSYCHO did for mental health.

Время: 93 мин
Дисков: 2 шт
Video format: DivX 5
Audio format: AC3
Разрешение: 688x400
Размер: 698+698 Mb
Перевод: Закадровый перевод актерский
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/dagon.jpg

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