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 Mangler 2, The (Stephen King) / Давилка 2

Режиссер: Michael Hamilton-Wright

Страна: Canada

Жанр: Horror

Год выпуска: 2001

Актеры: Lance Henriksen (as Headmaster Bradeen), Chelse Swain (as Joanne 'Jo' Newton), Philippe Bergeron (as Chef Lecours (as Phillipe Bergeron)), Dexter Bell (as Will Walsh), Daniella Evangelista (as Emily Stone), Miles Meadows (as Corey Banks), Will Sanderson (as Dan Channa), Jeff Doucette (as Janitor Bob), David Christensen (as Paul Cody), Ken Camroux (as Mr. Newton), Garvin Cross (as Mr. Vessey), Brenda Campbell (as Ms. Shaw), Shawn Reis (as Mr. Walsh), David Horner (as Voice of the Mangler (voice)), Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff (as Newton Computer Voice (voice) (as Elizabeth Savenkoff))

По ошибке, школьными хулиганами в компьютерную систему школы загружается вирус "Давилка v.2.0". После процесса самообучения, он перехватывает управление системой безопасности школы и все люди, находящиеся в здании становятся его заложниками. Но, вскоре, заложников начинают убивать...

pretty bad a times and sometimes laughable but entertaining all the same the acting isn't that good at all though Lance Henriksen is wasted here as the principal and is VERY unlikable he must have really needed that paycheck really badly Chelse Swain is decent here and is fairly likable but she has bad lines and is a decent heroine Philipe Bergeron is annyoing here as the chief and got on my nerves Dexter Bell is also annoying and gets a cool death though Daniella Evangelista is really pretty and does good here Miles Meadows is amusing here as the stoner and he was quite likable Will Sanderson is okay here he has bad dialog now and then but he comes out fo this looking semi decent this had some REALLY bad dialog and a really bad script but it has decent direction and is good in a so bad it's good kind of way but the score gets to be annoying eventually and the characters argue way too much for my liking watch Lance Henriksen deliver a horrible speech in the assembly and the chief always has a cigarette in his mouth (which is obviously glued to his lips)SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!! check out that lame moment when Dan stands on top of the electrical fence and has a chance jump off it but stands there like a dummy and gets killed it also has one stupid finale to boot overall not very good but enjoyable on a cheesy level worth the watch on those days you feel silly *1/2 out of 5

Время: 92 мин
Дисков: 1 шт
Video format: DivX 3.11 Low Motion
Audio format: MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
Разрешение: 576x320
Размер: 628 Mb
Перевод: Закадровый перевод 1 голос
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/mangler 2, the.jpg

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