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 Voie lactee, La (Milky Way, The) / Млечный путь

Режиссер: Luis Buсuel

Страна: France

Жанр: Comedy

Год выпуска: 1969

Актеры: Paul Frankeur (as Pierre), Laurent Terzieff (as Jean), Alain Cuny (as L'homme а la cape/Man with cape), Edith Scob (as La Vierge Marie/Virgin Mary), Bernard Verley (as Jйsus/Jesus), Franзois Maistre (as Le curй fou/French Priest), Claude Cerval (as Le brigadier/Brigadier), Muni (as La mиre supйrieure/Mother Superior), Julien Bertheau (as Richard 'maоtre d'hфtel'/Maitre d'Hotel), Ellen Bahl (as Madame Garnier), Michel Piccoli (as Le marquis de Sade/The Marquis), Agnиs Capri (as La directrice de l'institution Lamartine/Teacher), Michel Etcheverry (as L'inquisiteur/The Inquisitor), Pierre Clйmenti (as L'ange de la mort/The Devil), Georges Marchal (as Le jйsuite/The Jesuit)

Двое мужчин, полубродяги - полупаломники, возвращаются из Франции в Испанию. На пути они встречают целую череду сомнительных и странных персонажей и оказываются вовлеченными в события, исполненные эротики, тайны и мистики...

Le fantфme de la libertй (Buсuel, 1974) seems to take off right from this film as if it were a sequel, visually and conceptually. This film however is much more determined to denounce the contradictions and hypocrisy of different religions, while Fantфme has even more artistic freedom. Also this is much more coherent and if there is any danger of getting heavy-handed, Buсuel knows how to joke himself a way out using illusionism or a mild shock-treatment. It is simultaneously very rational and miraculous. The anti-clericism and subversive desires frequently come to the surreal surface. I can't help but see this as an inspiration for Monty Python's 'Life of Brian' (1979), because that film also remotely feels like an off the wall road movie in which anything can happen.

The subject matter was sort of tough for an atheist (heretic?) like me, but the humour with which Buсuel lets the characters throw the crucial differences between religions at each other is hilarious. E.g. in the middle of a duel between a Catholic and a Jesuit: 'Prior will is mere impulse. My thoughts and my will are not in my own power ... ma liberte est un fantфme.' 'What does freedom mean anyway? How can I be free if what I do is determined in advance?' etc. And why would all the personnel of a restaurant be caught up in an eloquent discussion about the existence of God while they are at work? See for yourself. Cinematographer Christian Matras (also Le Grande Illusion, 1937) continues to improve Buсuel's visual style using zoom-pan-zoom shots for instance, but keeps it sober.


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