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 Babylon 5 - The Complete Second Season (1995) / Вавилон 5 - второй сезон. Пришествие теней

Страна: USA

Жанр: Series

Год выпуска: 1995

Актеры: Michael O'Hare (as Cmdr. Jeffrey Sinclair (1994)), Bruce Boxleitner (as Captain/President John J. Sheridan (1995-1998)), Claudia Christian (as Susan Ivanova (1994-1997, 1998)), Jerry Doyle (as Michael Garibaldi), Mira Furlan (as Delenn), Richard Biggs (as Dr. Stephen Franklin), Bill Mumy (as Lennier), Stephen Furst (as Vir Cotto), Andrea Thompson (as Commercial Telepath Talia Winters (1994-1995)), Jason Carter (as Ranger Marcus Cole (1995-1997)), Tracy Scoggins (as Capt. Elizabeth Lochley (1998)), Julie Caitlin Brown (as Narn Attachй Na'Toth (I) (1994,1998) (as Caitlin Brown)), Mary Kay Adams (as Na'Toth #2 (1994)), Robert Rusler (as Warren Keffer (1994-1995)), Jeff Conaway (as Zack Allan (1995-1998)), Joshua Cox (as Lt. Corwin / Tech #1 / ... (30 episodes)), Marianne Robertson (as Tech #1 / Dome Tech #1 / ... (20 episodes)), Ardwight Chamberlain (as Kosh / Ulkesh / ... (19 episodes)), Jonathan Chapman (as Brakiri Ambassador / Brakiri / ... (15 episodes)), Kim Strauss (as Drazi Ambassador / Markab Ambassador / ... (14 episodes))

023 Отправные пункты
024 Откровения
025 Геометрия теней
026 Далекая звезда
027 Из тьмы веков
028 Паук в паутине
029 Родственные души
030 Гонки сквозь мрак
031 Пришествие Теней
032 Десант
033 Один в ночи
034 Жертвоприношения
035 Охотник и жертва
036 Вопрос чести
037 А теперь слово
038 В тени За'ха'дума
039 Клинки
040 Исповеди и сетования
041 Раздвоение преданности
042 Долгая битва в сумерках
043 Инквизитор
044 Сошествие мрака

Babylon 5 is probably the most sophisticated Science Fiction series ever produced.

The storyline is so complex that it needed the whole first season to finally get into gear. But then, it was the ultimate Science Fiction experience. It was a brilliant mixture of classic space opera, intergalactic politics and mystic elements. Not to forget the excellent soundtrack. And all the different characters from various alien races. Dreams, prophecies and allusions added to that so that in the end we had a huge masterwork where you had to see every episode to get the whole greatness of the story.

Unfortunately, after the famous "Shadow War" was over in the middle of season 4, creator J.M.Straczynski was left without some of the key elements of his success, the mystic part (Shadows and Vorlons) and the main story arc.

The result was a far from satisfying finale of season four (even more unsatisfying because Straczynski did not know if there would be a fifth season until AFTER finishing season four) and a totally disappointing season five, where the creator obviously had grown wary of his own child and bored us to death with countless slimy love and goodbye scenes. There still were some good episodes, but as a whole, it was far from its old quality.

So my overall vote is a 10 of 10 for seasons two and three, a 7/10 for seasons one and four, and at best a 3/10 for season five.

My recommendation: Stop watching the show after the Shadow War, or at latest after season four. This way, you will be spared the disappointment and you are guaranteed to see an ultimate Science Fiction adventure.

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Дисков: 11 шт
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Разрешение: 640x352
Размер: 331+365+336+359+348+346+362+333+338+356+326+369+328+367+341+354+356+339+338+357+328+367 Mb
Перевод: Закадровый перевод актерский
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