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 South Park, Vol. 6 / Саут Парк шестой сезон / Южный парк

Страна: USA

Жанр: Animation

Год выпуска: 1997

Актеры: Trey Parker (as Stan Marsh/Eric Cartman/Randy Marsh/Mr. Herbert Garrison/Philip Niles Argyle/Timmy/Jimmy Swanson/God/Satan/Mr. Mackey/Tom the News Reporter/Clyde/Grandpa Marvin Marsh/Miss Diane Choksondik (2000-2002)/Ned Gerblanski/Officer Barbrady/Big Gay Al/Mr. Hankey/Dr. Alphonse Mephesto/Dr. Doctor/Twong Lu Kim/Bill Clinton/George Bush/Additional Voices (voice)), Matt Stone (as Kyle Broslofski/Kenny McCormick/Gerald Broslofski/Stuart McCormick/Jimbo Kearn/Terrance Henry Stoot/Leopold "Butters" Stotch/Tweek/Jesus/Saddam Hussein/Pip Pirrup/Priest Maxi/Shlomo/Adolf HitlerAdditional Voices (voice)), Mary Kay Bergman (as Principal Victoria/Liane Cartman/Sharon Marsh/Sheila Broslofski/Mrs. McCormick/Nurse Gollum/Wendy Testaberger/Mrs. Crabtree/Additional Voices (1997-1999) (voice) (as Shannen Cassidy)), Isaac Hayes (as Jerome 'Chef' McElroy (voice)), Jesse Howell (as Ike Broslofski (1997-1999) (voice)), Franchesca Clifford (as Ike Broslofski (1997) (voice)), Eliza Schneider (as Mrs. McCormick/Liane Cartman/Sharon Marsh/Wendy Testaburger/Shelly Marsh/Principal Victoria/Mayor McDaniels/Mrs. Crabtree/Estella/Additional Voices (2000- ) (voice) (as Blue Girl)), Jennifer Howell (as Bebe Stevens (voice)), Mona Marshall (as Sheila Broslofski/Wendy Testaberger (2000-) (voice))

South Park (601) - Freak Strike
South Park (602) - Jared has Aides
South Park (603) - Asspen
South Park (604) - The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer
South Park (605) - Fun With Veal

South Park (606) - Professor Chaos
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South Park (611) - Child Abduction Is Not Funny

An uproariously funny social satire!

Trey Parker and Matt Stone (the creators) also provide most of the voices for this sick little comedy which quickly became cable's highest rating show, and a worldwide phenomenon.

The show is about 4 3rd graders: Stanley "Stan" Marsh (who throws up whenever near Wendy), Kyle Broslofski (a 'lonely' Jew), Eric "Cartman" Cartman (the show's main draw and resident fatty) and Kenny McCormick (the poor kid, who dies each episode).

Like 'The Simpsons', South Park is home to some pretty wild and wonderful characters. From the iliterate town police officer and self-obsessed mayor to the hormonally-driven school chef and the homosexual third-grade teacher there's always someone there to make you laugh.

Many people thought that the 4th grade series would flop. But it's just as funny - if not more. The four boys hang out with Tweek, Butters and Timmy more, and the new fourth-grade teacher Ms. Cocksindicks is sooooooooo funny. The addition of new characters has not deterred this immensely popular cult comedy.

Unfortunately, the suicide of the only female voice actor (Mary Kay Bergmen) held up production. But with the show back on track, the future looks even brighter for the four foul-mouthed little s***s that wreak havoc through the towns of South Park.

How Parker and Stone continue to produce such an amazing show for so many years is beyond me, but with the story lines they come up with, and the league of hugely-funny South Park residents, I know that this show will be around for a while longer yet.

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